Resume of Josh Day


I am a PhD statistician who enjoys programming (particularly with Julia) for difficult optimization and machine learning problems. My niche is the intersection of statistics and computer science, which allows me to quickly translate whiteboard math into efficient programs. During my PhD years I researched on-line algorithms for statistics (single-pass algorithms for streaming and big data), an underused paradigm where statistics/models can be updated on new batches of data without revisiting past observations (see OnlineStats.jl). I am a research scientist, data scientist, machine learning engineer, and software engineer. I contribute to a variety of open source data science tools, some of which can be found here:



Degree Year University
PhD, Statistics 2018 NC State
MS, Statistics 2014 NC State
BS, Math and Statistics 2012 Winona State
BA, Music and Economics 2009 Winona State

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